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 General Rules [PLEASE READ FIRST]

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PostSubject: General Rules [PLEASE READ FIRST]   Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:31 pm

Welcome to the Ribati Region! These are the rules we currently go by, please read these before attempting to create a character along with the other Informational Threads. Your character will not be accepted until you have confirmed that you have read the rules. How do you do that? Well, read the rules and you'll see.
Rule One
To even begin the roleplay, you must have your character accepted into the roleplay. When you post your character in the Character applications, you cannot begin roleplaying until a staff member has come to accept it. If your bio has problems, then the staff member will post the issues that need to be addressed so that you may fix them. Once you fix the bio, post on it stating you did so, so it is easier for the staff to notice that you have made edits. If you have not done anything to the bio in over a month, then it will be moved to Archived Applications. If your bio ends up there and you want to continue it, then simply ask a staff member to move it back.

Rule Two
There is no limit to how many characters you may create, but there is a price after creating your character. The first two characters are free, but after that characters are going to cost 2000 Poke each.  

Rule Three
No advertising of any kind is allowed in areas not dedicated to advertising. Any posts in the forum not in the Advertisement Box will be deleted, and advertising in the chatbox will result in a warning, and if repeated a temporary ban for a few days. If repeated often it will lead to a permanent ban.

Rule Four
One Account Per Person! As much as some people favor having one account per character, or even making more accounts for the sake of free characters, we ask that you keep it to one account. If you make a second account due to a forgotten password, contact an admin and they will reset your password and give you a new one for you to access your account with. You may then change it from there if you wish.

Rule Five
Respect ALL members. I don't care if they're a brony, I don't care if they're a Furry, I don't care if they're a Superwholock fan, gay, straight, black, white, or even slept with your girlfriend/boyfriend last night. Disrespecting any member is not tolerated!

Trolling in any form is not permitted, on the main forum or in the chatbox. It's only purpose is to irritate and upset others and falls under disrespecting other members.
As a side note, typing in all caps should only be used in nonsense and comedic purposes during chatbox topics, not for acting as if you're yelling at someone in anger as it only provoked others and leads them to become more defensive, resulting in a large argument in the chatbox that can cause many other members discomfort. If you are arguing with someone and don't wish to let it lie like is advised, it is preferred that you settle the matter via PM or somewhere else so that you do not upset others in the chatbox.

Rule Six
Powerplaying and Godmodding are not allowed. Your character isn't perfect, there is no such thing as a perfect character, and you cannot control another character without the permission of the roleplayer that owns it. Power-Playing is giving your character ultimate powers or abilities that nobody can defeat, and God Modding is controlling someone else's character. Neither are allowed, and if done you will be given a warning, and then a strike if repeated. To confirm that you have read the rules, place your favorite food in the "Other" section of your character bio. Once a staff member has looked over it, they will replace it with a "-staff edit-" text so other's can't copy the code from your bio.

Rule Seven
Death is allowed on the site, but please make sure you either have enough enough Poké or another character on you when killing a character. If you kill your one and only character you will have to pick up something from the Adoption Shelter in order to continue roleplaying on the site.

Rule Eight
Do not abuse the coding in the chatbox by making things unnecessarily big, or scrolling, or spamming smiles, or anything. If you wish to share a link or image then use the code below to place it into a spoiler.

[spoiler] Insert content here[/spoiler]
To log into the chatbox, you must click "Log In", and if you do not post anything in the chatbox for 15 minutes you will automatically be kicked by the chatbox for inactivity. Some people tend to post "." or their own version of it, to avoid being kicked from the chatbox, so posting "." (or something like it) every once in a while will not be considered spamming, but if done every few seconds it will be considered spamming and you will be kicked from the chatbox by a moderator of the chatbox, temporarily banned if you continue to repeat it.

Rule Nine
We ask that you please roleplay in paragraph format, meaning mark what is dialogue with " " and stay away from Script Roleplaying. Each post within character should be at least 50 words, anything less will result in a PM, and failure to acknowledge and fix the error will result in a strike against your account.

Rule Ten
Asking to be in any staff position without filling out the proper forms and meeting requirements will result in a "No".


Alright! You've read the rules, or did you just scan over them and forget that the confirmation code is in them and that you need it to be accepted? If you've read them and have the confirmation code, go read the other threads and begin making your character HERE, if not, then you might want to read over this thread again a bit closer for it!
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