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 Maia the Zorua

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PostSubject: Maia the Zorua   Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:33 am

Name: Maia
Species: #570 Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokémon
Gender: Female

Level: 10
Ability: Illusion
-Scratch (Start)
-Pursuit (Lvl 5)
-Fake Tears (Lvl 9)
-Copycat (Egg)

Unlike most other Zorua, Maia has red ear tips and the solid red socks on her paws are instead striped, making her slightly easier to tell apart from other Zorua.

A rather shy and timid individual, Maia is unlike what most trainers assume Zorua are like in that she doesn't often attempt to use her illusions for trickery or fun, in fact she often ends up accidentally activating her abilities out of fear when meeting someone new, or if someone makes her jump. She much prefers to be left alone, always worried that she might be the subject of ridicule should she meet someone new. As a result of her own forced isolation, Maia often finds herself to be rather lonely, unable to put her trust in others and always doubting others' motives for being in her company.

If someone were to manage to get past the shell that Maia has built up, they would find her to be quite the loyal and protective friend. She is a kind individual who wishes to help others even if she doesn't want them to know her enough to be able to judge her and her skills. She is very mellow and doesn't have all that much of a temper. his can sometimes be beneficial in battle, as she doesn't let anger cloud her judgement, each action and move instead becoming a calculated risk. Maia doesn't think of herself as such, but she is actually rather intelligent, able to use her size and abilities to her advantage even when faced with seemingly impossible odds.

Maia was born to a Zoroark and a Delcatty, though her siblings all turned out to be Zorua like their mother. Her father had left to continue travelling not long after she and her siblings were born, so she had never really known him, but the few memories she does have of him are all positive. Growing up, Maia was always subject to ridicule because as a youngster she couldn't properly control her illusion ability. Her siblings were the worst causes of it, and as they travelled as a group they would hardly meet anyone who didn't have preconceptions of Maia's lack of talent, courtesy of her siblings inability to keep their mouths shut about such things. Most, if not all the pokemon they knew would look down on her, almost like she was the 'runt' of her and her siblings. Eventually, Maia ended up just keeping to herself, not even attempting to befriend others as she felt like she couldn't trust them not to make fun of her.
As she grew, she eventually did gain control over her ability, though sudden movements or nervousness can often cause her to revert to a state of lack of control, resulting in many, sometimes humorous, illusionary products. She has since left the group she grew up in, her and her siblings going their separate ways. Maia has chosen to search for her father in the hopes that the few memories she holds of him are accurate and that he won't judge or make fun of her like the rest of her family does.

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Maia the Zorua
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