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 To Clip A Bird's Wings [MOD]

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PostSubject: To Clip A Bird's Wings [MOD]   Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:45 pm

It had been several days since that strange trainer had released him, the rufflet that had found its freedom, didn't seem to be doing too well. His feathers were filthy and he was rather scrawny. He didn't know where his mother was, nor did he know how to hunt. Koba was in a rather bad situation, as he didn't know what was edible and what was dangerous in this area.

He huffed, he was in a bad state and was going to be horrible in combat if it came to it. He was dead meat! No...wasn't there a braviary that had gone through this kind of situation? Yes, wasn't it Ninka? The Braviary that survived against harsh colds, had to eat frozen berries and steal from the predators of the area in order to do so? Yes, he could be like Ninka!

The Rufflet's draining confidence suddenly peaked, he would find some food! Whether it was stealing or hunting it himself. He could also use a bath if he could find that stream he saw a few days ago. He definitely wasn't in the position to fly, so he had to deal with simply walking/hopping. The newly inspired rufflet continued onward, searching for either prey or that stream, whichever came first.
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PostSubject: Re: To Clip A Bird's Wings [MOD]   Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:36 am


Backpacker Steven
A rather cautious trainer who is enthusiastic about exploring the world, but still often worries about the dangers he might encounter, especially those caused by wild Pokémon. Generally shy, this trainer puts little trust in his abilities.
Since he was young, Steven had always dreamed about wandering the world. Thus when he was old enough, his parents caught him a Geodude to protect him on his travels. Only when he was far from home already he noticed that the only attacking move this Pokémon had learned was Selfdestruct. So now he is looking for another Pokémon to protect him and help train his Geodude.

Geodude | Male | Rock Head
Defense Curl | Mud Sport | Rock Polish | Selfdestruct

Steven didn't quite know how he should feel. On the one hand this was his dream coming true - finally he would be able to travel around the world and see all kinds of interesting places. On the other hand this world harbored quite a few dangers and - even though they got along quite well - his only defense against them was an exploding rock.
"Man, do you have any idea what we are supposed to do now?", he asked.
"I mean - this is not meant to be an insult but right now you can't really fight. And to help you train we'd need another Pokémon. However to capture one we'd need to weaken it first. And that will definitely not be easy."
"Dude!" the geological Pokémon replied.
"Yeah, you're right. I should just try. It's got to work out somehow, doesn't it? Hey, what's that?"
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To Clip A Bird's Wings [MOD]
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