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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:18 pm

To Clarify
This site roleplays through the perspective of the pokemon rather than the trainers. The stories of the characters follow the pokemon as they're wild, captured, or anything you might decide to do with them. If they're captured then you can control the trainer and their pokemon, but the main focus is still the pokemon you created.

Once a name is taken, it cannot be used on another character. This is to prevent confusion and to prevent unoriginal names, like "Leaf" on a grass type or "Flame" on a fire type, from swarming the site. We also ask that you please not name your character like you would name a dog, I'm pretty sure a pokemon wouldn't be happy with the name "Waffle" or something like that. The pokemon here are intelligent and capable of rejecting a name for their own.

A character MUST begin at their basic stage, even if your character has met their requirements to evolve. A pokemon that has a low evolution level, such as Caterpie, must still begin as a Caterpie even if you set it to level 10. Legendary Pokemon are obviously not allowed, and if it is noticed that there is a large amount of a certain species of pokemon that is active, that pokemon will be temporarily banned until either the number of pokemon drops or other species catch up to it.

Intelligence and Speech
All characters created by a user is more intelligent than the average pokemon unless stated otherwise in the bio. This intelligence allows the pokemon to think more than the average pokemon and be able to speak with each other, as the normal pokemon in this world speak through body language. The Characters can understand human language, but only pokemon that are stated to be capable of human speech through their pokedex entries can actually respond to a human in Human Language. Ghost pokemon and Psychic pokemon are capable of Telepathy, but if Psychic/Ghost is not their primary type they are expected to have trouble in doing so.

All characters have the opportunity to begin between the levels 1 and 10, however if your character is freshly hatched from an egg, it must be level 1.

All pokemon that evolve through stones, happiness, and a certain time of day/weather, must have an "Evoval" stone. The Evoval stone is a store-bought item that allows any pokemon, but level up pokemon, to evolve to their next stage of evolution.

If you get a character that can evolve immediately, no matter the method, then please wait until you're at least five levels after being created. This means that if you do something like create a caterpie, which can evolve into a butterfree right away if started at level 10, we ask that you wait 5 levels after creating it to evolve it into a metapod, then another 5 levels to evolve it into butterfree. This goes for every pokemon, including pokemon that require the Evoval stone.


Due to the lore of the world, mutations exist in the experimental offspring. This allows you to have your character to have different patterns, stripes, and different colors. However, you cannot color your character shiny unless you pay an extra 2000. You cannot make drastic changes, such as giving an Eevee demonic wings and a halo with the tail of a skorupi and eyes of a braviary, but you can make small subtle ones like the star of a shinx's tail being shaped like a spade.

Firstly, your character's history has to make sense both in context of itself and the site as a whole. The history cannot have any interactions with legendary Pokemon and it is not permitted to have a history with another person's character unless you have their express permission. Abused pokemon will be kept on a strict leash, and it is impossible for your character to be one of the original experiments as the lore of the site occurred quite a while ago.

A character can start with one Egg move or tutor move. Your character can then have any combination of moves that it can learn before the level it is at.
Please note that we will be using the level up and tutors from Gen VI Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire movesets. TMs, Special Tutors(Such as Grass Pledge, Frenzy Plant, and Draco Meteor), and Tutors from previous generations are not allowed on beginning character and must be bought from The Market.

Your character can only have one ability from the selection of abilities the pokemon can have, meaning they can have their dream world ability but cannot have an ability that is not obtainable in the games. You MUST follow the line of abilities a pokemon will get throughout evolution, if a Zigzagoon has Pick-Up, and evolved, the Linoone must have Pick Up as well.

Character Records
Keep track of your characters inventory and progress, you must create a topic in the Character Tracker board. You MUST keep track of your records and keep them updated; this is not an optional procedure. In your records you must keep track of the following things: Items, Level, Moveset, Active Threads, Inactive Threads, Completed Threads, Current Trainer(along with their statistics and personality if any), Species, Gender, Name, Ability, Total Page Count, and Amount of Pages until the next level. You may format it in any way you favor, but please keep it organized and up to date with said fields.
Remember that you have the option between splitting the threads between characters or shoving them all into one.

Concerning Threads

You may have no more than 5 unfinished threads per character. This is to prevent people from making threads like crazy only to abandon them later on, however you may buy extra thread slots at The Market, though they're rather costly. If you finish a thread, please ask a staff member to lock it. The timeline here runs by Liquid time, meaning your character can be evolved in one thread but not another. We prefer you to stay in somewhat of a orderly fashion though, for example if your character evolved, we would prefer that you don't make anymore threads when they're their previous evolution.

Adopting Characters
If you find that you're rather bored with a character, but don't want to kill it, you can send it to The Shelter where it can be adopted by another member who is looking for another character to roleplay. Once you set it up for adoption, and someone else adopts it, you cannot get it back. They can do whatever they want to the character except change the basic stuff that was mentioned on the bio for when you created the character that cannot be changed, such as history. If you set one up for adoption and want it back when it still hasn't been adopted, then you're free to take it back.

As a wild pokemon, your character is vulnerable to anybody that can throw a pokeball. However, your character cannot be captured unless you want them to be captured. When you want your character to be captured, simply post in a staff request thread and create a thread with the title you desire and [MOD] at the end of it. A staff member will drop by and drop off one trainer after another until you find a trainer that would be suitable for your character. The staff member will RP as the trainers throughout the thread and will be stating information about the trainer, such as history, other pokemon if any, gender, name, and such, right as they make their first post and you can decide whether you want that trainer or not. If you don't like it then simply flee or defeat the trainer's pokemon. The thread will continue until you either give up or get caught, then you will be able to control that trainer and their pokemon in threads to come. You can choose to have their pokemon evolve, learn different moves, and such, but Godmodding and Powerplaying rules still apply, and the roleplay is still centered around your character and not the trainer.

If you get bored with your trainer, you must then pay to be released in The Market, and be a free Pokemon again. All characters must begin the roleplay as Wild Pokemon, they can have previous history with trainers, but they must be released and begin as wild pokemon from the time the roleplay begins.
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Character Rules
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