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 How Things Work

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PostSubject: How Things Work   Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:19 pm

Here is how the systems of the site work and how to do specific things, if you have any questions about it please make a thread in the Questions and Help forum, and a staff member will get to it as soon as they can.



Leveling up here is all dependent on the amount of full pages you have roleplayed with your character. As your character grows stronger, it will take longer for your character to level up.

1-10 - Starting Point, if starting below 10 then 1 page per level
11-20 - 2 page per level
21-30 - 3 page per level
31-40 - 4 page per level
41-50 - 5 page per level
51-60 - 6 page per level
61-70 - 7 page per level
71-80 - 8 page per level
81-90 - 9 page per level
91-100 - 10 page per level

Once your character has reached level 100, it cannot go any higher. You must still keep track of threads and page counts after reaching level 100. Pages only count if they are complete and full with 15 posts per page counting both your posts and the people you are roleplaying with's posts.

Battling is pretty open, and you can use the environment around your character to gain advantages, however we ask that you don't perform random acts like pulling a golf club out of bushes when you're a hundred miles into a forest. Keep the dodging to a minimum and be fair in your battles. When battling another player, please determine who is going to win beforehand between the two, if neither user can come to an agreement, then have the battle be interrupted, or find a way to end it without having a clear winner.

Here we have currency called Poké, you gain 20 with each post, and you can spend it at The Market for items for evolving, more thread slots, or even just a simple berry for your travels.

If you have already read the Character Rules, then you will know that it is entirely possible for you to be caught by a trainer, though it is entirely your decision whether or not the character gets caught. You can create a "solo" thread where you rp with a staff member and that staff member will spawn trainers to be encountered and will roleplay out the trainer. You can decide whether you'll allow your character to be caught by that trainer or not and have your character either defeat their pokemon or flee. What area you're in influences what class of trainers you will encounter, for example, roleplaying in Paradise District will spawn Rich Trainers looking for pets than Hayfield County will, and Hayfield County may spawn Countryfolk looking for Guard Pokemon for their crops rather than pets. Each trainer's personality and pokemon is entirely up to the staff member, and when you create one of these kinds of threads, place [MOD] in the title, and post in the Staff Request forum.

Here you are given complete freedom in what you encounter, not counting when you're looking to be caught. You can spawn what you like, but please give it some sense, as something like a Surskit probably wouldn't be living in Route Five, a very mountainous region. Please get your roleplay partner's permission before spawning though, unless they agree to the surprise. If you both would rather have a surprise, then post in the Staff Request form and a staff member will be there as soon as possible to spawn something. They will edit the last post to contain the information of the encounter, and you have permission to control the encounter from there.
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How Things Work
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