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 Region Information

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PostSubject: Region Information   Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:29 pm

Ribati Region History


This land is no ordinary land, it used to be just like any other region, filled with pokemon, trainers, and villainous teams scuttling about in the background, pulling strings to try and achieve their goal. Team Plasma had spread its ideals to this region, however not purposefully. People began to admire their goals of liberation for the pokemon, and mimicked their actions. Except here, there was no hero to foil their plans.

They began to succeed, reaching their grip of power out from one town to another, forcing people to release their pokemon. It seemed as if they had succeeded, until something rather odd happened. The pokemon of a scientist, rumored by the public to be abused by the researcher for testing purposes, refused to leave his side. The grunts did not understand this, why would the pokemon of such a horrible person refuse to leave his side? Unless...they were brainwashed!

The rebellious pokemon who refused to leave the man's side were captured and contained through forceful methods, and were experimented on to see just what the man had done to these poor pokemon. They found out that these pokemon had a strange chemical added to their DNA, causing them to change and appear differently from normal pokemon, and have a higher mental capacity than normal pokemon.

However, these experiments would have none of it, and freed themselves, proving to have higher intelligence, as they figured out how to unlock their containers using their natural abilities. Once free, they extracted their revenge and destroyed the lab with ease, as there were no pokemon for the researchers to defend themselves with. The pokemon then fled to the wild, slowly one by one learning that their original master had been hung for abusing them.

The Liberation Team fell silent after the event, none were heard from and it was assumed by the public that they had given up on their efforts after it was revealed that Plasma wasn't as justified as it seemed. Actions of capturing pokemon, battling, and befriending pokemon resumed once again, having no interruption of the peace between Human and Pokemon now that The Liberation Team seemed to have ceased to exist.

It's been many, many years after the event, and the Experimented Pokemon have passed on their altered genes, becoming like the normal pokemon, but also being hated by the normal pokemon. Many were attacked by normal pokemon, the natural ones being terrified and enraged by the "freaks of nature". Today they aren't quite common, but also not rare to see, but they are however, just as powerful as any pokemon, and sought after by many humans.

The Onikata Tribe


The Onikata are a tribe that live deep within their own reservation in Route One, they are prideful people that believe in working alongside only one pokemon for their entire life. When a boy is to become a man, he must go on a journey to seek out his Partner. He cannot force a pokemon to be his partner, and must befriend it in whatever way it pleases. This journey sometimes takes months or even years, but they are not allowed to return until they have their partner. Some don't even return, ashamed of how long it took to find one, or even ashamed that they couldn't find one at all.

The Onikata usually despises trainers for keeping their pokemon in pokeballs, and only use their one pokeball to prevent their partner from being enslaved by another trainer. The pokeball is seen as a connection between the partner and the tribe member, and to have that taken away is like severing the connection between the two.

They live with the land, everything being crafted by hand and hunted with their tools made from their environment around them, and their pokemon. They do not care for the "civilized" life, and don't mind it existing so long as civilization isn't pushed onto them.

If a Partner of a tribesman dies, the tribe member is not allowed to find another Partner. If the tribe member dies, the pokemon is free to do as it wishes and either stay or leave. If the pokemon desires to leave the member while the tribe member is still alive, the tribe member is sent back onto his journey with shame as he/she had failed to find his/her partner pokemon.

The Monks of Kudo


The Monks of Kudo are peaceful people, though they believe in self defense when necessary and combat for sport. Most are not too keen on shaving their heads, but the more respected monks are often ones with bald heads. They spend their time in their temple practicing combat, and attempting to achieve inner peace with themselves and with those around them.

Every once in a while, a monk might venture from their shrine and search for a partner. They believe in defeating the pokemon with their bare hands before trying to capture it. Once they have captured it, that pokemon has become their partner. They are allowed to release and obtain partners as they please, and the more pokemon a Monk has obtained, the more they're seen as a strong opponent.

There are also Monks that have completed their training in the Shrine, and venture out to explore the world and fix any wrongs. These Monks are usually the more peaceful ones that only carry two or three pokemon with them for protection from others that might wish them harm.
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Region Information
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