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 The Market

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PostSubject: The Market   Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:23 pm

Here you can buy special items for your character to use either out of character or in character! Each item is listed will have its price and effect with it.

Oran Berry - 200 Poké
Heals your character's Health in a thread by a little bit.

Sitris Berry - 400 Poké
Heals your character's Health in a thread by a average amount.

Moo Moo Milk - 800 Poké
Heals your character's Health in a thread by a lot.

PP Up - 1000 Poké
Gives your character an extra thread slot to roleplay in.

Master Ball - 2000 Poké
Allows you to create another character after you have made your first two free ones.

Cherish Ball - 4000 Poké
Allows you to create another character that is shiny. If you want to use your second free character on this, then you still have to pay the full 4000.

Evovall Stone - 1000 Poké
Evolves a pokemon no matter the condition excluding level up.

Level 1 TM - 400 Poké
Gives you a TM of choice from STATUS moves.

Level 2 TM - 800 Poké
Gives you a TM of choice from moves that have less than 60 Power

Level 3 TM - 1000 Poké
Gives you a TM of choice from moves that have less than 100 power

Level 4 TM - 1200 Poké
Gives you a TM of choice from moves that have more than 100 power

Level 5 TM - 1400 Poké
Gives you a TM of choice that allows you to learn moves the pokemon can learn from any generation's tutor, egg, or previous TM move.

Level MAX TM - 1600 Poké
Allows you to learn a Special Tutor move like Draco Meteor, Frenzy Plant, and such.

Destiny Knot - 500 Poké
Cut the ties with your trainer as this item forces them to release your character.

Name Rater Rating - 1000 Poké
Allows you to change your username.

Mega-Ring - 2000 Poké
You MUST have a trainer in order to mega evolve and you MUST have a strong bond with them and spent a long time with them. You lose this item if your trainer releases you. You have a max of One mega-evolution per thread and using this stone will make your character exhausted once used and will need a potion to recover properly without having to end the thread in order to regain your character's energy.

Enigma Berry - 1500 Poké
Allows you to change the appearance of your character, in character this will be treated as if the transformation was done over time. Remember: Nothing drastic. When buying this berry, state what changes you are going to make and the person performing the transaction will approve/disapprove it.

Durin Berry - 10000 Poké
Allows you to change the color of your username, colors that are invisible or hurt other's eyes are not allowed. Please provide the code for the color you wish your username to be.

Nameless Policy - 1000 Poké
Allows you to change your character's name, whether you created it or adopted it, it is up to you how the character changes it in the roleplay.

If you wish to buy these items, simply stat what character you're using it on in the post, the items, and the total cost and a staff member will get to it as soon as possible. If you do not have enough Poké for it, then the request will be denied.
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The Market
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