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 Ivory the Snorunt

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PostSubject: Ivory the Snorunt   Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:55 pm

Name: Ivory
Species: # 361; Snorunt: the Snow Hat Pokemon
Gender: Female ♀

Level: 10
Ability: Moody: At the end of every turn, a random stat is raised by two stages while another is lowered by one stage.
- Water Pulse (Tutor)
- Powder Snow (Start)
- Double Team (Level 5)
- Ice Shard (Level 10)

Appearance: Ivory has a particular color that is different than most Snorunt. Where most Snorunt would have black fur, she has white fur instead. She is also slightly larger than most Snorunt, almost three feet tall rather than the two and a half of the normal Snorunt.
Personality: Ivory is a moody sort of pokemon. Her temper is easy to set off, and she switches her moods on a whim. This may seem wishy-washy and puts off potential friends, but if one gets to know her, one will find that she just hides behind a facade to protect herself from being hurt. Despite her short temper, though, she is extremely loyal to any who manage to break past her facade and win her trust. She is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends, though she doesn't have many of them.
Ivory was born to a happy Glalie and Snorunt family, with three siblings and both parents present. She was the only one out of her siblings to have a strange appearance, though her mother had the same white color where her father had black. This allowed her mother to be able to blend into ice better than the rest of the family. Because of this, her mother doted on Ivory and taught her how to take advantage of their strange color. Due to this teaching, Ivory is good at camouflaging herself and hiding in the ice.

Ivory was born with a slight temper, tested a lot by her annoying, rowdy brothers, who always picked on her because she looked different than them. Sometimes they would tell her that she must have been a mutant or a freak because she wasn't even a shiny pokemon but something different altogether. She would always be hurt by this, even more than she let on. Even though her mother was also differently colored, she still felt that she was a freak.

Because of these feelings, she learned to hide behind her facade of a moody, gloomy snorunt who would snap at anyone daring to try and talk to her. She quickly learned to fight back against her brothers, and even got a passing marill to teach her water pulse so that she could have an advantage that her brothers didn't have. They soon learned not to attack her physically or verbally, because she would easily dominate them.

As they grew older, her brothers fought more and more amongst themselves as they matured. Eventually, their parents kicked them out of the area to stop them from hurting each other, and they all went their separate ways. Ivory was left alone with her parents, but she figured that it was about time to go off on her own anyway, so she said goodbye to them and set off on her own. Now she wants to explore the world and find new places and experience. She also wants to learn all about the strange humans and the 'trainers' that she had heard rumors about. Her parents had always warned her away from humans, but she wanted to find out about them for herself.

Other: -Staff Edit-
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PostSubject: Re: Ivory the Snorunt   Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:04 pm

Remember to go make your character tracker HERE
Have fun roleplaying!
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Ivory the Snorunt
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