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 Koba the Rufflet

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PostSubject: Koba the Rufflet   Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:55 pm

Name: Koba
Species: #627 Rufflet, the Eaglet Pokémon
Gender: Male

Level: 10
Ability: Hustle: Damage from physical attacks is increased by 50%, but average accuracy is only 80%.
- Superpower (Tutor)
- Wing Attack (Level 10)
- Leer (Level 1)
- Fury Attack (Level 5)

Appearance: Koba is larger than the average Rufflet, but otherwise he looks like a normal Rufflet.
Personality: Koba is about as normal of a rufflet as can be, he's loyal to his friends and is willing to die for them. He hates being in small spaces, and prefers to be in the sky as much as possible. He places extreme value on freedom, and loathes pokeballs. Koba has a tendency to stay away from humans if possible, as they are usually carriers of pokeballs. He can't resist someone in need however, he wont die for them unless he's friends with the one in need. If it is life threatening he will abandon the attempt to help, and flee to save his own hide. He can be a bit arrogant, and think that he's the most amazing thing ever created, but this can cause him to get into quite a bit of trouble sometimes.

Koba was hatched within the region on the rocky mountains of Route Five, his mother took care of him, fed him, and protected him from the fierce pokemon of the area. The two loved each other, and lived comfortably off the prey of the area. His mother often told him stories of his father, who had fallen in combat to protect the egg that was Koba.

Even though he had never met his father, he admired him through the stories passed on by his mother. The Braviary passed on many stories of different braviary that had conquered many things through thick and thin. Though, there was something odd about his mother that the Rufflet didn't quite understand.

His mother's face looked different from his own, it had two dots and a squiggling line on the beak rather than the natural sharp edge. Whenever he had questioned it, the mother, feeling that he wasn't old enough to know until then, revealed to him that she was a Ditto, capable of transforming into anything.

Although the mother had expected a strong reaction of shock and horror, Koba didn't seem to care. He accepted it, wondering why his mother had thought that it was a shameful thing to be a ditto, but never did he find out. A few months after the "big" reveal, a strange pokemon had approached their den, with another "pokemon" just behind him.

The ditto grew enraged as the two neared the nest, and transformed into some of the many powerful pokemon of the area, but was defeated and trapped in a strange round sphere. Koba went to investigate the small sphere his mother had been sucked into, worried about freeing her, but was soon attacked by the same pokemon until another sphere struck him and sucked him in.

He was stuck in the pokeball for what seemed like months, it felt horrible inside the pokeball. He couldn't feel the wind in his feathers, he couldn't talk to any other pokemon, he couldn't even look around as he only saw nothing but darkness around him. The trainer had kept him in a pokeball inside a bag, the rufflet being too weak to send into battle or out in the area around him.

After what seemed like an eternity, the rufflet was finally let out of his pokeball, the rufflet turned to look at the trainer, as the trainer crushed the pokeball, releasing the Rufflet. Koba wasn't sure what this meant, but took this opportunity to get away, not knowing that the trainer had released him because he was too weak to train and he didn't have the patience to go to another area and train him there.

The rufflet found himself in a strange place now, one with plenty of forests and more prey than the last home. He didn't know how to return home, or where his mother was. After a few days of hiding in a bush and feeling sorry for himself, the rufflet eventually stopped bawling like a baby and take care of himself. He was free again, he needed to value this. What better time to value this gift than now?
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Koba the Rufflet
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